TM Deepthi Shetty

By TM Deepthi Shetty

We are all books, each one of us.
And just like humans, you’ll never find another book exactly the same in the world.
And in this expedition, you’ll find 3 main kinds of people.
The first, who’ll read you like a magazine, flip through the pages and toss you back in the shelves.
The second-
will read you for their love for reading. They’ll get along each chapter,
understanding or wondering.
They might like you, they might not. They might complete reading or just leave you like an unfinished business.
And the third, the rare kinds.
The ones that you might want to stay away from, cause they’re what people call as “sweet trouble”
These are the people, who won’t just read you, but also understand every word in you. They’ll admire your flaws like they are another name for beautiful. They will read you like it’s their passion, like you’re the only book in the library. They’ll underline their favorite sentences and fold corners of the page they liked the most.
And in time, they’ll unfold and re-read those pages. In the end, they won’t just finish the book, but also carry it with them forever. They won’t just read you like a story, instead they’ll tell themselves, “Ah, this one makes sense.”