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Old Love

By TM Mridu Drolia “Hey” “Hey”. That voice from the other side of the phone, that voice which melted her heart worth a thousand glaciers. She lost a moment as her heart calmed and then, she slowly said, “do you have a minute? I was hoping we could [...]

Perspectives That Matter!

By TM Vidhya Nagaraj The word ‘perspective’ meant to see things, objects, situations and events in life from a particular view point or mindset. The dictionary meaning of the word perspective is 1) the appearance of viewed objects with regard to their relative position, distance from the viewer, [...]

Five Lessons

By TM Deepti Venkatesh About 9 months back, I took a small step towards my forever wish of helping the society. I joined an NGO called U&I and was going to be volunteering in the center called Refugee - this was a home to 15 orphaned girls. When [...]

We Are All Books

By TM Deepthi Shetty We are all books, each one of us. And just like humans, you’ll never find another book exactly the same in the world. And in this expedition, you’ll find 3 main kinds of people. The first, who’ll read you like a magazine, flip through [...]

Love at First Hearing

By TM Priyadarshi Kibballi Ganapathy Over the years, working with various sales teams I have found that the biggest challenge for any sales person is to get entry into prospect's mind. Once you draw the attention of your prospect, it should be celebrated as your first win in [...]

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