TM Priyadarshi Kibballi Ganapathy

By TM Priyadarshi Kibballi Ganapathy

Over the years, working with various sales teams I have found that the biggest challenge for any sales person is to get entry into prospect’s mind. Once you draw the attention of your prospect, it should be celebrated as your first win in the sales cycle. The irony is everyone believes that the Sales person is a great speaker; but the question- whether he/she is an impactful communicator. That is where the importance of ELEVATOR SPEECH comes into the picture.
What is this Elevator speech all about- you are riding in an elevator, you bump into your potential prospect whom you wanted to meet badly to make him your customer but you have just 30 secs at your disposal since he is going to get out of the elevator in the 7th floor. What would you do apart from giving him a gentle smile which he has been accustomed. Can you impress upon him on communicating with what you do to set the ball rolling for next action plan, say get an appointment to take the sales process further?
Elevator speech is nothing but a table topic speech, however, prepared well in advance and executed precisely at every given opportunity to make an impression. Love at first hearing!!
Your elevator speech should say WHO YOU ARE? WHAT YOU DO? HOW YOU DO? WHY YOU DO? You should know your company’s USP/ Differentiators and weave your introduction and pitch around it and conclude with a follow up request. Once again, just 5- 6 sentences and no more than that. Say, you are a Sales Person in the business of Real Estate and your recommended elevator speech may be in the following lines. Look into the word in Capital letters to understand the differentiator/USP.
“Hi, I am Priyadarshi from XYZ construction company, a REPUTED & TRUSTWORTHY Builder proven since 1988. We take pride in delivering SIGNATURE houses to HNI clients across India. We have our OWN ARCHITECTS who work continuously with clients to bring the BEST AMONG THE BEST living experience. We aim in providing HIGH QUALITY COMMUNITY CULTURE to our esteemed clients. May I fix up an appointment with you to show our latest PRESTIGIOUS offering to you?”
What are you waiting for? Have your own ELEVATOR speech ready to impress??