Old Love


TM Mridu Drolia By TM Mridu Drolia

“Hey”. That voice from the other side of the phone, that voice which melted her heart worth a thousand glaciers. She lost a moment as her heart calmed and then, she slowly said, “do you have a minute? I was hoping […]

Old Love2021-02-07T19:43:45+05:30

Five Lessons


TM Deepti Venkatesh By TM Deepti Venkatesh

About 9 months back, I took a small step towards my forever wish of helping the society. I joined an NGO called U&I and was going to be volunteering in the center called Refugee – this was a home to […]

Five Lessons2021-02-07T19:43:46+05:30

We Are All Books


TM Deepthi Shetty By TM Deepthi Shetty

We are all books, each one of us.
And just like humans, you’ll never find another book exactly the same in the world.
And in this expedition, you’ll find 3 main kinds of people.
The first, who’ll read you like a magazine, flip through […]

We Are All Books2021-02-07T19:43:46+05:30

What’s in a Toastmasters Meeting?


Santosh Paul By TM Santosh Paul

Few months into my Toastmasters’ journey and lots of meetings later, I began to wonder why. Why is the Toastmasters’ meeting structured the way it is – with three sessions, role players, opening and presidential addresses, master of ceremonies and everything else […]

What’s in a Toastmasters Meeting?2021-02-07T19:43:46+05:30

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