Sunshine Summer Meet

Sunshine met on the beautiful campus of University of Agricultural sciences for an outdoor meeting this Sunday. Underneath the shade of the trees we sat on stone benches; it was the perfect setting for the listeners and the story tellers. A summer story contest took the place of the regular prepared speech session. Members shared stories of summer vacations far and near. We reveled in the sometimes funny and sometimes suspenseful stories shared by members. The stories shared were all vivid in their descriptions and transported us to different places; to a beach, to a forest, to a hill, to a garden and inside an elevator. IMG_3020Members listening intently to toastmaster Anirudh’s story about falling in love.


Members listening to Toastmaster Vandana’s story about children doing grown up things. After the story telling session we had an entertaining table topics session lead by TM Sheetal. The table topics session had speakers talking about movies and mythical characters.


TM Shiva sharing his experiences of watching a French movie on a recent flight journey.


General evaluation from our diligent toastmaster Anand. IMG_3112

After the meeting, susnhiners found a tamarind tree close by. Trying to get their hands a few pods some of them jumped, some helped each other to jump and others just stood by waiting for the fallen pods. Bringing to end a perfect Sunshine summer meeting under the trees.


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