Celebrating Mothers

We begin the Sunshine toastmaster Mother’s day celebrations with this speech by Toastmaster Santhosh who shares his experiences with his mother Mrs. Sujatha.

“My mom is one of the sweetest people ever. She has always stuck to her values and always chooses the right. She just doesn’t think twice when it comes to putting her family first. Everything she has given us and taught us over the years is never going to be forgotten” – TM Sheetal B

IMG_2948    TM Sheetal with her mom TM Vijayalaxmi.

“The only person whose heart beats for the entire family, one whose only wish is to see all of us safe and healthy. Mother is the only person who can feel what you feel, sense what you sense and know your thoughts even without you speaking a word. I have only heartfelt gratitude for everything that my mother has been to me” – TM Girish Panicker

2017-05-12-PHOTO-00000810TM Girish with his mother Mrs. Vijayakumari

” My mom was my weakness. I could not see her tears. She ate after my father and all the 7 children ate. I always felt I did not do enough to improve her quality of life. If I were to be born again I wish to be her child again so I could take better care of her” – TM Gopinathan.


TM Gopinathan – Left Corner of the photo with his family. His mother Mrs. Lakshmikutty is seated on the right.

We wish all the mothers featured in this post and mothers everywhere an amazing Mother’s day.

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