Sunshine Quality Ambassadors – April

IMG_9089.JPGToastmaster Anand has always been the embodiment of the warm welcoming sunshine environment. In the recent months when we have seen a sudden surge of new members at the club, TM Anand has been instrumental in making the newcomers feel at home. It feels great for any speaker to see Mr. Anand in the audience. His smile and constant words of encouragement to members at the club and outside have been the hallmark of camaraderie at the club. Recently he helped out the helping out the committee by taking care of snack time at the club.   His motivating evaluations and continued participation in club meetings make this experienced toastmaster a role model for the club for all Sunshiners. Congratulations TM Anand on becoming a Sunshine Quality Ambassador.


Toastmaster Deepti has exhibited a great sense of creativity and collaboration as VP-Education for the club.  In the past month she not only organised for a Linkers meeting with Daffodils toastmasters club but she also excelled as the Conference chair at the division B conference. Her undeniable commitment to the club shows in her creative meeting agendas. Behind the scenes she has been stepping into various other committee roles,  welcoming guests, following up with them and encouraging them to come back to the club. In the absence of member participation, she has been taking up speaking roles during the meeting. She has been the embodiment of class, commitment and creativity and a role model for all of us. Congratulations TM Deepti for winning the Sunshine quality ambassador award.

Special mention to Toastmaster Shiva who stepped in to be the SAA – helping with the snacks, taking up other speaking roles at the club and attending meetings outside sunshine. Hence exhibiting a great sense of camaraderie. Thank You!


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