Starting the toastmaster Journey

TM Vandana starts her journey at the club.

Here is what she had to say about her experience at the club, “Sunshine Toastmasters sessions are my Monday morning motivation to get through the week. It’s amazing to witness such inspiring and riveting speeches week after week that I would hate to miss even a single session. The warm, smiling and welcoming faces of members in the club are the icing on this beautiful cake! Being a part of this club has made it the best new year’s resolution I’ve kept!

TM Deepthi starts her journey at the club.

 Here is what Deepti had to say about her experience at the club, ” It has been a really wonderful and enriching experience so far! Getting to meet a lot interesting and warm people makes me feel like everyone’s a part of a big happy “Sunshiney” family. I can’t wait for my CC journey to proceed , to learn and grow as a competent speaker. Very happy to be a Sunshiner.”

TM Sushmita starts her journey at the club.

Here is what Sushmita had to say about Sunshine, “I was searching for a platform to resume my dream. I found Toastmaster club is the best place. Then one question arose in my mind, which TM club is the best for me? I decided to visit Clubs to select best in best club for me. I visited Sunshine as a guest and decided this is the place I was searching to give rebirth for my dreams. I couldn’t stop being member of this club. Sunshine has its own shining from the start of the meeting to the end of the meeting. Sunshine members are fabulous in delivering their speeches. Evaluations of each speech reminds me of my lovely and strict school teacher.
Over all my experience at the club has been tremendous. I’m so proud to say I’m a Sunshiner!”

1 thought on “Starting the toastmaster Journey”

  1. Wow, Thanks to this wonderful initiative of the committee, could able to view the icebreaker speeches. You are kidding !!, all these three speeches are almost up to the standard of Project 6 and above. Sushmita- Your speech is an eye opener. Now the destiny is in your hands. Looking forward to meeting all the new members soon. Great work- Shivani


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