Sunshine Quality Ambassidors

The President of Sunshine toastmasters in her Installation Speech had mentioned two goals for the term, January – June 2017. First, Helping and encouraging members achieve their goals and second, improving the quality of performance by members in the club. The values that she shared for the club for the term were of creativity, collaboration and camaraderie.

Taking this forward the club formally introduced a monthly recognition program which recognizes club members who have set communication and leadership goals for themselves and have worked consistently towards their goals without compromising on quality. The new program for Sunshine called the Quality Ambassadors was introduced in January recognizing toastmasters who have done exceptionally well and have taken forward the values of creativity, camaraderie and collaboration. Following are the toastmasters who have been recipients of the award.

IMG_9083Mr. Kaleem Khan consistently delivered and evaluated speeches as promised at the beginning of the month. He used creativity and collaborated with TM. Anand to give us some great ACB (Advanced Communication Bronze) Speech presentations at the club setting a new benchmark for quality. He has a set a goal for himself to prepare for the international speech contest that is coming up and intends to bring his trademark quality to the presentation. Congratulations and all the very best to Mr. Kaleem for becoming the January Quality Ambassador.

IMG_9066.JPGMr. Gopinathan took up the role of the Sergeant at arms yet he has managed to give a speech in the first month of taking up the role in the committee. He has balanced really well both his communication and leadership paths in toastmasters and set an example that both can be done. His initiative to get the club book directory and his willingness to do any task assigned to him to the best of his abilities make him a great ambassador for the club. Congratulations and all the very best Mr. Gopinathan for becoming the January Quality Ambassador.

IMG_9122.JPGMr. Santosh Paul has been consistently taking up the role of speech evaluator for club meetings in the past two months. Just in the months of January and February Mr.Santosh has been an evaluator four times. He has also consistently won the best evaluator award and positively impacted speakers from the club and outside the club with his constructive criticism. He has been the go to guy for TM. Deepthi (And TM Shivani during her term as VPE) when we scrambled to find quality speech evaluators. Congratulations TM Santosh Paul for becoming the February Quality Ambassador.

IMG_9135Mr. Girish Panicker our Immediate Past President has delivered quality ACB speeches consistently in the month of February. As a member of the Committee he has been actively assisting us with getting new memberships up on TMI. He has also been collaborating with Sachin to get the finances of the club in order. Our club check book is finally ready thanks to Mr. Girish’s work. TM Girish continues to be a role model for all of us. Congratulations and all the very best Mr. Girish for becoming the February Quality Ambassador.


Toastmaster Amit has exhibited great sense of collaboration at the club. As a mentor he has helped TM Gopinathan and TM Vandana deliver winning speeches at the club. In addition to mentoring members he has been actively participating in club events, growing in his own toastmaster journey. He participated in the Club level contests and took up various roles such as speech evaluator, grammarian and timer. He also contributed to the club newsletter with a poem. Congratulations Amit on becoming a Sunshine Quality Ambassador for the month of March.

IMG_929d3Toastmaster Samarth and Wasiq have exhibited a great sense of creativity and camaraderie as the VP-Public Relation team. In the past month they actively worked together to organise, plan and contribute to the Club Level Semi Finals and Finals Speech and Table Topics Contest. From bringing certificate print-outs, new timer cards to taking up roles as contest masters and participants during the event, Samarth and Wasiq exhibited a great level of commitment. They worked well under pressure and released a well designed newsletter in one week. Despite the busy committee schedule both Samarth and Wasiq actively participated at the club, giving a speech (CC3- Samarth) and taking up roles (Table topic master – Wasiq). Congratulations Samarth and Wasiq on becoming the Sunshine Quality Ambassadors for the month of March.

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